Jun 272018

I’m going to try to make this post a short one.  (I’m really, REALLY working hard to try and finish up the latest Amber Payne novel, and I need to stay after it.  :)   So, some quick updates…

First, remember the mystery I mentioned in the last post?  The Goal Zero solar charger?  Well we finally found out where it came from.  It turns out that some very dear friends (who really shouldn’t have spent anything on me) sent it to me for my birthday.  So a huge THANK YOU to the two of you.  (You know who you are.)  

Also, I think I mentioned a while back that I had been invited to speak at a local seminar on creating audiobooks.  That took place on June 16th, and it went very well.  The primary speaker was WB Ward, a local radio personality.  He is a narrator of several audiobooks (unfortunately, I don’t recall exactly how many… it’s just a LOT), and he spoke on the ins and outs of creating one.  Since he did his own voice work though, he had never had to go through the auditioning process from an author’s perspective.  That’s where I came in.  And yes, there are pictures, so it really happened.  ;)

Writing report –

I’ve found a handy new tool to help keep me on track with the writing.  It’s called “The Magic Spreadsheet” (TMS), and writers have been using it for years.  It’s an online spreadsheet where many writers list their wordcount each day, complete with goals, levels, and a few other things.  The spreadsheet itself isn’t all that unusual, although someone has put a LOT of work into the formulas being used to track everything.  The thing that seems to make it so useful is the fact that it puts your progress out there for your peers to see.  There’s a psychological element in that… it makes you want to keep going – to keep working, so you can compare your progress with that of the men and women you see who are “making it” as writers.  I can see that “Writer X” is writing an average of 2100 words per day, every single day.  And I can see that “Writer X” has days like I do, where you only get an additional 400 or 500 words.  It’s heartening to see that they can have the same setbacks that I do, and still put out that high overall average wordcount.

And then I see that I’m putting out an average of 1200 words per day.  I can look at their numbers and see that most of them work at it seven days a week, where I definitely take it easier on the weekends.  At first, I wasn’t writing at all on the weekends, but TMS has a minimum word requirement if you want to stay in the rankings, so for the last several week, I’ve made it a point to at least hit the minimum, even on the weekends.

And my numbers have been rising.  More importantly, the book is progressing!  Yay!  


Here’s how…

Payne and Suffering – the novel is a bit over 86000 words at the moment, and promises to carry on for well over 100K.  However, I have finally realized that I’m very likely going to have to cut a few characters and some sub-plots out of it.  My end goal is to keep the book under 100K in its finished form.  Wish me luck.

IMR – (AKA “the Sekrit Projekt”) I’ve barely started on this one… less than a chapter so far.  I’m torn between wanting to write this one, and having to wait for the contract.  But there was an opening scene that I felt needed a home, so I’ve written a tiny bit.  Of course, I’ve also collated 53 pages of notes for the story so far.  LOL

But it’s time for me to get back to writing.  So I’ll talk to you next time.  Until then, stay safe, everyone.  :bye:

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