Oct 062018

I believe I’m going to have to change my “Website Wednesday” entries to “Website Weekend” for a while.  With the current day job in play, there simply isn’t enough time on Wednesdays to work and write a post, and also get some writing done on whatever WIP I have going.  Once the temporary gig is done, I should be able to drop back into the old schedule.

In the meantime, my posts will likely become pretty abbreviated.  I’m working to try and finish up a few titles, and the blog has to remain secondary to that goal.  So without further delay…

Let me start with the admission that I still haven’t taken the time to read the Newsletter Ninja book.  In fact, I haven’t taken time to read anything at all in a few months now.  Between work, writing, and researching for upcoming projects, I’m not getting any reading done.  Sorry Jim.  

AP2 – This is what I’ve taken to calling the second Amber Payne novel.  I know I’ve been referring to it as Payne and Suffering, but the more the book evolves, the less that title seems to fit.  So for now, it’s simply going to be “Amber Payne – Book 2“, or AP2.  As for how much it’s evolving, so far the thing is a bit over 103k, and still growing.  It has the very likely potential of becoming the longest book I’ve ever written… (at least the first draft).

Y12 – I’ve finally given up with the narrator for Year 12.  The audiobook is already more than a year overdue.  At first I was getting excuses, claiming the narrator had run into personal issues but he was going to get it done.  More recently, he stopped responding to emails at all.  This really makes me sad, because he did such a wonderful job on the first two HPM titles.  Whatever happened in his life to bring us to this turn of events, I hope he manages to work it out eventually.  Still, this is more than a year with no income from an audiobook that we had a contract on.  So I notified him that I’m going to contact ACX and dissolve the contract.  

And that’s going to be it for now.  Time to get back to writing. So stay safe, and I’ll try to get back to you soon.  



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