Mar 292022

image Yep… it’s been a LOOOOONG time, hasn’t it?  The better part of a year.  During that time, I’ve gotten a new granddaughter, and have a grandson on the way.  My son and DIL are so stoked after three girls to finally have a son, and it’s actually funny to see their excitement.

But I’m back to make a few announcements.

  1. Payne of the Past – The fourth Amber Payne book is almost done (well, the first draft, anyway). The current plan is to be finished with the first draft by the end of this week. But honestly, I have family coming to visit, and I know if I don’t get it done before they get here, I won’t get it done for the next few weeks. That’s okay though. I’m close, and at this stage of the game, I’d much rather spend time with the kids and granddaughter.
  2. Monthly Newsblast – If by some chance you didn’t already know, I have an actual newsletter now.  In the April edition, I’ll be talking about my new Patreon page (see #3 below), new business cards, and how I’ve used “neural phase locking” to more than double my writing output over the last six weeks. In short, most of what I used to put in these blog posts is now covered in my monthly “Newsblast”. It comes out on the first of each month, and anyone signed up for the newsletter is also entered in a drawing to receive a free autographed copy of one of my books.  The drawing also occurs on the first day of each month, so of course, I call it the “One-th of the Month” drawing.  The button to join is at the top of my website here. See that big red “Subscribe to my Newsletter” button up there? If by some chance you don’t see it (browser issue maybe?  I dunno…), then you can copy into your browser and sign up there.
  3. Patreon – As hinted above, I’ve finally created a Patreon page. There’s another little button under “Learning to Write” that I just put up today.  See where it says “Become a patron”? The coding for the button might need a little tweaking, or maybe I just need to move it somewhere else on the page – I don’t know. But it’s there, and that will have to suffice for the time being. On the Patreon page, I will post an early edition of the Newsblast, behind-the-scenes content, and everything I write, as I write it. That means my patrons get an early look at the first drafts of my  works in progress. Even non-patrons (aka the general public) will be able to read the first 5000 words of the current WIP (which at the time of this writing is the fourth Amber Payne novel, “Payne of the Past”.) Whatever the WIP is when you go there, it will all stay up there until the books go into final formatting, at which point I will have to take them down in order to comply with Amazon’s exclusive content terms. So if you’re so inclined, I would really appreciate it if you would check out the Patreon page and see what you think. And of course, if you decide it’s worth dropping a few shekels my way, I will be MOST grateful. 


That’s it for now.  It just occurred to me that I’ve pretty much ignored this blog for far too long, and there could be people for whom this is our only point of contact. So like I said, just a few quick announcements… new pages, a new book coming soon, and me getting back into the writing saddle.  If you want more, click one of the links above and see what else is going on in my world.  Hope to see you there.

Stay safe, everyone!


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