May 182022
Amber Payne, book 5 is officially started. I’m about 5k words into it and I realized my redshirt list is running low again. I’m down to only five names left. Of those five, one never replied to my friend request so I can’t confirm whether or not they still want to let me use their name, and one is someone who has changed their name, so I have to re-confirm. That means I need more redshirts!
So if you want me to use your name in an upcoming book or story, let me know in the comments below. But be aware that there are a few rules here…
  1. It must be YOUR name. I can’t use the name of your ex, or that crazy old uncle you want to embarrass. I will only use the names of actual volunteers.
  2. To volunteer, you need to be on my “One-th of the Month” mailing list, a Facebook “friend”, or be signed up on my Patreon page.  This is so I can contact you privately for confirmation when it comes time for your turn in the barrel, so to speak. 😉  I won’t use your name unless you do one of those things. I want a traceable conversation to show you volunteered.
  3. I can’t make any guarantees on how or when I’ll end up using your name. It might be the current WIP, or a short story I write two years from now. It might be the name of a good guy, a bad guy, a redshirt, a recurring character, or even just a designer name on a clothing line. (Yes, I’ve done that.)
IF, after all that, you still want to volunteer your name, then give me permission in the comments below.
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