May 252022

Payne of the Past is currently with the editor, and I expect it back any day now.  I’m on my cover artist’s schedule to begin discussions on design ideas May 31.  I figure it will likely take a week or more to get a final cover.  Formatting is the last step before publishing the book.  And since I publish via Amazon’s “Kindle Unlimited” program, that means that I have to take down all the samples I posted on my Patreon page before that happens. (Amazon KU demands exclusivity to works published there.)

However, I’ve also begun writing the fifth Amber Payne novel. I don’t have a title yet, so for now I’m just calling it “AP5”.  Yeah, I know… not exactly clever.  But I have to give the files some kind of title when I save them, right?  So if you’re a patron over on my Patreon page watch for old words to disappear, and new words to begin dropping there in the next few days as Amber and her team tackle the next case.

Speaking of Patreon, you may notice that I finally got the patronage button working properly. It’s the big blue “CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT ME ON PATREON” button above. If you’re so inclined, and have a few dollars to spare, I would be incredibly grateful for your support. I know times are tight, so if you don’t have it to spare, I completely understand.  All my blog posts over there will remain completely free.  It’s only the writing previews and exclusive content that are behind the paywall.



That’s it for now. Time to get back to work on AP5.  Stay safe everyone! 

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