Sep 302015

MBH and I went to town last week. No big deal, I know, but on the way there we noticed a sign for a car show at the lake and on the way back from running our errands we decided to drop by to see if the show was any good. I have to admit, I didn’t really expect much. Since moving to Claremore, we’re getting accustomed to a slower and more scaled back lifestyle, and I didn’t really think there would be much of a showing in such a small town.

Man, was I ever wrong! Evidently, Claremore is the site for the annual Route 66 Cruisers Car Show, and it was phenomenal! I’m by no means a gear head or grease monkey. I’ve never been great with cars, and with the way they’re made these days it’s all I can do to change my own oil. :eek: But I can appreciate a fine piece of machinery, and there were plenty of beautiful cars to be seen. We were there about an hour, but I think we only saw about a fourth of the cars that were on display. We saw everything from T-Buckets like the one in the picture here, to more modern show cars. There were motorcycles, cars, boats, food vendors, art vendors, and more fun than we had time to see. It’s definitely something I’ll be looking for when it rolls around again next year. We’ll have to set the day aside next year, so we have time to wander and enjoy the show.

If you’re on FaceBook and you’d like to see more pictures of the event, the Route 66 Cruisers Car Club has a bit over 400 pics here. Check them out.


Writing – I guess the outline (more like a list of beat points) is working, because the writing is finally getting back on track. After the fiasco of the last month or so, and having to remove nearly 5000 words, I’m back into Year 12 and almost back up to the word count I had before having to backtrack. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the book continues to move at a decent clip.

And with that being said, I think it’s time to get back to it. So stay safe, and I’ll see you next time. :bye:

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  1. I remember the car your dad had in his garage for so many years. He was always going to fix it up. He did love old cars!

    • That he did. I have pictures on my FaceBook page from the Leake Car Show he and I went to in 2012. I think it was the last big event he was strong enough to attend, and it wore him out. But boy did he love all those cars. :)

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