Oct 212015

QmarkI suppose you can’t have something interesting to say every week, right? This is one of those weeks. I mean, I could talk about what the latest crooks in DC are doing, or what celebrity is doing what stupid thing in another desperate attempt to for attention. Or maybe I should weigh in on another of the many political memes that seem to get so many people all hot and bothered (like they’re still surprised at the hypocrisy of our broken political system).

But I honestly don’t have the patience for it today. We live in a time where people get more worked up over celebrity gossip than the news that scientists are investigating anomalous readings around KIC 8462852 that have fueled speculation that they may have found evidence of a massive cometary cloud, a collision of planetary objects, or even extraterrestrial intelligence. But most people would rather speculate on which celeb lost weight last month and how they did it by eating nothing but glow in the dark rice and wheat germ (okay, I made that last one up.)  But it’s enough to depress you if you think about it too much.  So I just won’t.

It’s up to each of us to decide what we think is truly important. For me, I think I’ll just get back to writing.

So stay safe, and hopefully I’ll have something worth blogging about next week. :bye:

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