Nov 112015

WW20Reading –

I just finished reading In Ashes Born by Nathan Lowell.  I’ve been a fan of his “Trader’s Tales From the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper” books for years.  When I heard he had begun a new series set in the same universe, I was stoked.

Unfortunately, I only just got the chance to read it.  As with Nathan’s other tales, In Ashes Born does not disappoint.  The man has an amazing way with the English language, as well as with story telling.  If you’ve never read his books and like sci-fi and coming of age stories, I strongly suggest that you pick up Quarter Sharethe first of hisTrader’s Tales…” books.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll be hooked from that point on.  If you’ve already read all of them and weren’t aware of the new “Seeker’s Tales From the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper” series, well what are you waiting on?  You already know what an amazing writer this guy is.  Go get In Ashes Born.  Go!  NOW!   :rotfl:

And the picture?  It’s part of a Facebook campaign fans of the book are running.  If you want to know more about it, contact me.  If you’ve already read the book, you’ll get it.


Writing –

Work on Year 12 has  been coming in spurts.  I get into a scene or section and the words seem to fly out of my hands.  Then I hit a transition and I barely get a few hundred words per day out.  It’s frustrating, but I suppose it’s still progress.  Y12 is currently sitting at a bit over 70,000 words and still going.  At this point, it looks like the book will come in around 95-100k words.  Of course, that’s first draft.  There’s no telling what will happen once it goes to beta readers and then through editing.


Garden –

The garden is about done for the year.  There are a few jalapenos, poblanos, and a smattering of tomatoes left.  The only other things growing out there (besides the weeds) are the gourds.  Looks like I’ve got thirteen of them, and I’ll likely be cutting them off the vine in the next week or two.  Then the chore of breaking down the garden will begin.  And boy, won’t that be fun?!?   :-/


Personal –

MBH is on a business trip to Wisconsin this week.  She was looking forward to getting a chance to wrap her hands around something new, and when her company presented her with the opportunity to help out with a situation there, she went for it.  It’s just a few days, but she loves new opportunities.  And it gets her away from my ugly mug, so win / win for her, right?   ;-)


And that’s it for now.  I need to get more words written.  Take care everyone, and stay safe.   :bye:


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