Dec 092015

WW23No, it’s not a typo.  I intentionally typed “pwned”.  Fellow gamers will recognize the term immediately.  For the rest of you, it’s a gaming word indicating that someone has been beaten in a ruthless and/or efficient manner.  According to urban legend, the word comes from a map in an old game called Warcraft.  It seems that the map had a misspelling of the word “owned” in it, so that when a player was beaten, instead of the scripted “Player has been owned” it said “Player has been pwned.”

It caught on, and became a popular term indicating that someone had been beaten in a particularly resounding or humiliating manner.

Yeah, nice history lesson, gramps.  What’s that got to do with insomnia?

MBH has been doing a lot of traveling lately. Her job is such that she’s sometimes called on to visit various locations for her company, doing mysterious HR magical things.  They fly her to whatever location for a few days, then fly her back.  The two of us are at a point in our lives where that’s not a terrible inconvenience like it would be if we were younger.  We don’t have kids (other than our fur babies, Bella and Cricket), and with me doing the whole write-from-home thing, my schedule is pretty flexible.

But I still don’t sleep as well when she’s gone.  And lately, whenever she is about to leave on another trip, I seem to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, unable to get back to sleep.  It’s happened for the last three trips, and now here I am at 2:30 AM, writing a blog post because I woke up at 1:30 and was unable to get back to sleep.  But the good side to me not having a regular nine to five is that if I wake up at some ungodly hour and can’t shut off the brain, I can just walk to the other end of the house, open the WIP, and start writing.

I’ve gotten to where I don’t even resent not being able to get back to sleep.  If I find that I can’t shut off the stories in my head at night, I figure it’s time to get them down on the digital page.  A few months back I was up into the wee hours, and I mentioned that I had insomnia and was going to take advantage of the fact to get some writing done.  Someone else (and I’m sorry, but I don’t remember who it was) posted a reply that included the hashtag “#MakesInsomniaHisBitch”.  It made me laugh at the time, but the next time I couldn’t get to sleep, that hashtag popped into my head again.

Why should I lay in bed, trying not to wake my wife, while my mind refuses to shut down?  Why not haul my butt down to my office and crank out some words?

So here I am, pwning my insomnia.  Writing.  After all, that’s what writers do, right? Right.

Write.  (Oh, ain’t I the clever one?)   8-)

Okay, ’nuff sed.  Time to get a little done on the WIP and then get MBH to the airport.  Stay safe everyone.   :bye:

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