Jan 062016

JeffBrackettYep, this should be a short post.  Mainly because there just isn’t that much progress to report.  Last week I posted about how I was changing my writing habits, and was hoping that these changes would result in an increased output.  At that point I was already feeling a bit under the weather, but it was nothing compared to how miserable I ended up.  As a result, my writing actually decreased.

Waaaahhhh!!  Poor me.  I got sick.   :doctor:   (What a whiner, right?)

Today I’m feeling better than I have in a while, but am still off my game.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m writing.  But I can already tell that this is going to be another typical writing day of one to two thousand words at most.  And if I don’t get back to it, maybe not even that much.  :eek:

So a quick summary of the Jeff’s world…

  1. Writing is slow.
  2. Politicians are still performing their smoke & mirrors, divide & conquer distractions that accomplish nothing of any positive consequence, and make the interwebs difficult to stomach.   :no:
  3. The weather is cold.
  4. Family is my saving grace. I have fantastic people in my family.  And not all of them are related to me.  You guys know who you are, and I love you all.   :yes:
  5. It’s time to get back to writing.   8-)

Like I said, short & sweet.  Stay safe!   :bye:

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  1. Well, if you’d quit wasting time whining online you’d have more time to be writing instead. So get back to work!

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