Aug 102016

WW51I’ve been pounding away at End Point Pangaea, and the story is really taking shape for me. The hard part has been all the research involved in getting the world set “properly”. Worse, it seems that the experts can’t seem to agree on what was going on, themselves. Some say dinosaurs of the time had reptilian, “pebbled” skin, while others say they were feathered. Still others say that some kinds were feathered, while others weren’t.  There are even those who say that some had feathers, some had “proto-feathers”, and others had reptilian skin.

Add to that, the fact that dinosaurs of the period weren’t yet the apex predators that we’ve all come to associate with “Jurassic Park” entertainment, but were likely secondary to the “crocodylomorphs”, which may have looked like dinosaurs, but apparently really weren’t, and you end up with a twisted tangled mess of speculation about what life was like 200 million years ago. And since I’m the crazy research junkie that is bound and determined to try his best to get things “right” when he’s writing, it’s been driving me crazy. I think I’ve been spending at least as much time researching as I have writing.


The newly described dinosaur Zhenyuanlong suni measured 5 feet in length and was a relative of the velociraptor. The fossil’s well-preserved wings bore complex feathers, not simple hairlike structures. Illustration by Zhao Chuang

And it’s been driving me crazy!   :dazed:

I was discussing this with my BFAM, James Husum, when he put it into perspective for me. He correctly pointed out that the conflicting information doesn’t restrict my world to what the experts can agree on… it expands it into what no one yet knows!  One group says that the Tethys Sea is nothing but a “small” inlet that extends into the Pangaea continental mass, while another says it is a huge ocean, roughly the size of North America. Which is it?

Whichever one I want it to be!

And while most now seem to agree that theropods were feathered, no one seems to agree about the other dinosaur groups. So how do I describe them? However I want to!

So now, instead of stressing over “getting it right”, I’m enjoying the idea that I really can’t “get it wrong”.  It’s so liberating!  Thanks, James.

And so it’s with a bit more excitement that I jump back into the writing. Sean Barrow has a lot to learn about the world into which he’s been thrust. And the story promises to be more exciting than ever.

Stay safe, everyone.   :bye:


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  1. My work here is done. :-)

    Glad I could be of help.

  2. LOL

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