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WW54aI got a little sidetracked with End Point Pangaea this week.  I’m still working on it, and still making good progress, but the plotting issue I was having with Year 12 resolved itself in my head while walking the dogs, and I’ve been compelled to get it back on track before I lose the thread.  It’s going to mean a lot of rewrites (I think), but will once and for all resolve the thematic and plot problems that have kept me from completing the book for the last several months.

Sometimes you just need time away from a project to let it percolate. I’ve found this in the past, and other authors have told me that they’ve run into the same situation, so I guess it’s not an unusual thing. And I’ve known for a long time that I really should have multiple projects going at once, so that when I get stuck on one, I can set it aside and work on another.  But any time I think I should try that, it’s at a time when the books I’m working on are so very different that I’m afraid the tone of one might “leak” into the other and screw it up. So yes, I’ve been afraid to really commit to trying it.

But “fear is the mind-killer”, right?  I’ll never know if I can successfully juggle until I give it a real try.

(SNIP) / EDITAt this point in my blog, I had already written another five or six hundred words, but I was hesitant to publish it. As I often do, I got sidetracked into what kind of research I had done, talking about the differences in archosaurs, Rauisuchians, Crocodylomorphs, Pterosaurs, and the true dinosaurs – all of which were competing for niches in the emerging ecology of Triassic Pangaea.  And while it was interesting for me, I realized that it wasn’t really something that you’re likely to want to read about here. 

And then MBH texted me:

MBH No bloggies today?
Me Been working on one, off and on, but it got VERY technical and dinosaur-ish.  Didn’t know if that was really a good idea for a blog post.
MBH nope
Me Need to chop it up and make it more “user appealing”.   ;-)
MBH Short and sweet, butt in seat. Writing. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!
Me I like that!!

So you can thank My Better Half (MBH) that you aren’t being subjected to the differences in various Triassic flora and fauna, and how Hollyweird has been getting it all wrong. Instead, I’m going to steal from my wonderful wife…

“Short and sweet, butt in seat. Writing. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

I’ll talk to you next time.   :bye:


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