Jul 292015

Didn’t get a lot of writing done yesterday. I started working in the garden (I’ve let it get pretty bad, lately) and found that one of the bigger cantaloupes we had was suddenly missing. I found it over in a corner of the yard, where some little varmint (probably a raccoon) had hauled it away and eaten about half of it. Since the girls seemed pretty intent on it, I tossed what was left of it over the fence, and went back about my business. I worked out there until I ran the battery out on the weed eater, then started gathering up my tools and heading into the house. Just about to head inside, I noticed that Bella, our pretty white and tan Catahoula / Husky mix, was no longer white and tan. She was white and tan… with smears of black, sticky schmootz all down both sides of her neck. Bottom line – our pretty white and tan girl had found something to roll in.

She’s done this before. Since we’ve moved up here and gotten the larger yard, our girls have discovered the pleasures of finding dead animals and, in the manner of dogs everywhere, they love to roll in the remains. What is it about the stench of dead animals that they like, anyway? I mean, that’s just nasty! :eek:

So I naturally assumed that was the case again. And as she came to me, tail wagging proudly, trying for all she was worth to share the lovely schmootz with me, I frantically backed away telling her “No” and “Sit” and “Stay”. It must have looked comical at the time, her running toward me as I backed toward the back door, hands held up to hold her away from me if I had to, but filled with dread that I might have to actually touch her.

Confused, the poor girl probably thought I was mad at her, and I’m sure she was wondering what she had done, but I couldn’t let her into the house until I got her cleaned up. So I backed into the back door, grabbed the cover to the dog door and made sure she couldn’t get in, then went inside to get the shampoo.

Grabbing the water hose, I washed her outside, relieved to find that the nasty looking schmootz actually rinsed off very easily. I remembered that we had burned weeds in the fire pit over the weekend, and concluded that since I couldn’t smell any nastiness on her, she had probably found some soot and rolled in it. Thank goodness, right?

So, I gave her a light wash and while I had the hose out, I went ahead and started watering the plants on the patio. That was when I lost pressure to the hose. This was one of those magical expanding and contracting “pocket hoses” that you see advertised on TV. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are basically a length of something like surgical tubing covered by a loose cloth. Put water into the tubing, and it expands within the cloth cover. Drain the water and it contracts back to its original length. So when I lost pressure, I looked back and found that the black cloth cover for the hose was leaking. The tubing inside the cloth had broken.

Great. Another thing gone wrong.

But not a huge issue. We have an extra one of the old standard water hoses, so I just put the spray nozzle on the old hose, and went back about my business. The nozzle didn’t really fit all that well on this hose, but I thought I would get clever and use this to my advantage. Water trickling out around the fitting on the nozzle was just the thing to do a thorough watering for the garden tower, so I draped the thing over the top of the tower and determined to come out and turn the water off later, after it had had time to do its thing.

Glad that I had resolved the issues of the morning, I went inside to get cleaned up. That was when I discovered that Bella had already been in the house. I knew this as soon as I walked into the bedroom. See, our girl has a habit of rubbing her head up and down on the side of our bed. I’m not sure if it’s her way of leaving her scent on the bed, or getting our scent on her, or even if it’s just a matter of scratching an itch on her ear. Whatever it is, it was immediately obvious that she had been engaging in her curious habit all along the side of our bedspread… our nice white bedspread. And she had left lovely grayish-black smears on the pristine white cotton spread. And while I hadn’t been able to smell anything on her outside when I washed her, it was evident from the stench wafting up from the spread that it was more than simply soot she had been sharing with us. It was the nasty stench of rotten critter. (sigh)

So I stripped the spread off the bed and hauled it into the laundry room, and decided that the light wash I had given her when I thought it was only soot, just wasn’t going to cut it. I called her inside, and put her in the shower with me, giving her a very thorough washing, using my dandruff shampoo.

Bella was not amused. I can only imagine the canine thoughts that went through her mind, as I washed away the lovely smell she had so generously thought to share with me. How could I be so ungrateful? Don’t tell me that dogs can’t sulk, because that girl sulked! You would have thought I had taken her favorite toy and thrown it away. But I finally got us both cleaned and dried. I dressed, got the laundry started, and figured I was finally done with the trouble for the day.


I went out to check on the water hose to make sure it was working properly. I should have known better. Remember how I mentioned that the spare hose was an old standard water hose? Well, I should have emphasized the word “old”. The thing had split in the side, fallen off the garden tower, and was busy turning the area just off the patio into a marsh.

You know how some days, it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed? Why don’t those days come with a warning label? I mean, yesterday was definitely one of those days. It would have been nice to have gotten out of bed and seen a sign that says something like “Warning – this day is going to suck so bad that you’ll wish you’d stayed in bed. The crappy day authority advises that you just curl yourself back up in a ball and hibernate until tomorrow.”

These little hints would be SO appreciated.

Oh well. Today is another day, so stay safe. And I’ll try to do the same. :bye:

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