Dec 072016

ww64I hope you’re all having fun, getting ready to celebrate the upcoming holidays, at least those of you who celebrate. We’re gearing up for our first hard freeze. It’s supposed to drop into the mid- to upper- teens tomorrow night.  As I write this, it’s nearly 4:30 in the afternoon, and the temp is currently 34 degrees (F).  As a matter of fact, I went to the store today and when I got back, we had a very light dusting of snow falling. Not enough to stick, and the flakes were barely more than droplets of mist.  But for someone who has lived most of his life in the Houston area, it was definitely noticeable.   :-)

Our forecast says that tomorrow’s hard freeze will be 16 to 18 degrees, with a “real feel” down into the single digits.  Yeah, I think I’ll be laying another fire tonight.  LOL

The writing is going pretty well, though preparations for the holidays do interfere some. End Point Pangaea is moving along, slowly but surely.  As you can see in the meter to the right, I’ve cracked the projected 50% mark, having broken 41k of an estimated 80k goal.

Additionally, there is a new meter over there, entitled “Sekrit Projekt – FSJ”.  This one is a gamble.  It may pan out, it may not.  But it promises to be a LOT of fun if it does, and even though I can’t say any more about it than that, I hope you’ll keep your fingers crossed for me.  :shutmouth:

And that’s it.  I’m going to cut this post short and get back to writing.  So stay safe, and I’ll talk to you next time.   :bye:

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