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Last week, MBH convinced me to take a little road trip. She pointed out that, since Saturday was the anniversary of my father’s death, it might be a good idea to go spend it with my mom to help keep her on the positive side of the emotional fence. And quite honestly, it would help keep me on the same side.  She’s pretty freaking special, like that. :inlove: So I hopped into the ground transport and made the eight-hour drive to Houston.

What was even more fun was the fact that my sister and brother-in-law helped me keep the trip a secret from my mom, only asking her to stay at home on Friday because they were expecting a package (she lives with them). So when my BIL let me in, all the while pretending that he was trying to get rid of a solicitor, she was completely surprised.  ;-)  Better still, my son came by with my youngest granddaughter shortly after I got there.

During the next few days, I got to spend time with my mom, my sister and BIL, my son, DIL, and granddaughter, my oldest nephew and his new girlfriend (yeah, hang on to her, M.  She’s got a good head on her shoulders). We saw a few movies, (A Cure For Wellness and Suicide Squad), had a barbecue with a lot of family… I even got to play Cards Against humanity for the first time (and THAT was hilarious, as anyone who has played before will already know.)

But all good things come to an end, and Monday was the trip back home. Luckily for me, while the trip back home did represent the end of one good thing, that didn’t make it a bad thing. You see, I don’t sleep well without MBH, so being apart is sometimes a little tough, which made coming home again wonderful. Yeah, I love you wife.  :heart:

Baby Bird’s Paper – Last night, MBH and I got a call from Baby Bird. She was working on an important presentation for one of her Psychology classes, and wanted us to look it over for any obvious mistakes. It was a presentation on several studies about the effects of stress on performance, and was filled with phrases like “…High Anxiety (HA) anticipation response accuracy was lower than the Low Anxiety (LA) pre-test, however both HA and LA showed greater accuracy of judgments compared to the pretest and Control Group (CG), and in the HA post-test, the HA testers remained accurate when compared…” and “…investigates the role of intuition in a probabilistic reasoning task by manipulating the time pressure in an effort to discern if the results supported the dual-process theory or the fuzzy-trace theory…”.

In short, it was enough to let me know that she is MUCH smarter than I am.  LOL.  However, I couldn’t help but note the irony of her stressing so much over a presentation about how stress affects one’s performance.   ;-)

In other news, I’ve decided to start the garden late this year. The recent trip home helped point out to me that if I had already started the garden, then a four-day absence from home wouldn’t have been possible, and MBH and I would like to take a short trip together later on. So I think I’ll hold off putting new dependents in the ground for a bit longer.  That means I won’t be boring you all with pictures of my growing plants and daily harvests.   8-)

On to the writing news… or lack thereof…

Because of last week’s road trip, I didn’t get as much written as I would have liked. However, End Point Pangaea is getting close to the 50k word count mark. Typically, I tend to easily break 100k with my novels. But I get the feeling that this one is going to be my first novel under that count. The book simply feels more like an 80k to 90k book. Of course, I won’t know until it’s done, but you tend to get a feel for things like that as you write, and that’s what I’m getting from this one. I suppose I’ll just see. For now though, I need to get back to writing, if it’s ever going to get finished.

So to finish off the blog post, here is this week’s Random Pic of the Week:  WW73b1

For this week’s RPotW, I decided to make it truly random. I called up the gallery on my phone, scrolled down at random, and, with my eyes closed, I tapped a picture. This is what you get.  :laugh:

Here you see a picture of a breakfast I made a few months ago. Why did I take the picture? This was my first attempt at making my own cinnamon-raisin bread. It turned out pretty good, although I did learn a valuable lesson. Any raisins on the top of the loaf tend to turn into little charred bits of charcoal when unprotected by surrounding dough. After that first loaf, I made it a point to pick off as many raisins on top as I could.

And that’s enough of my insanity for today. You folks stay safe, and I’ll talk to you again soon. :bye:

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