Aug 122015

This has been a frustrating week for my writing. No, that’s not right. It’s been a frustrating week for publishing. The writing is already done. Ghost Story is written. Done. Fin.

And with some help from folks in the RoTaNoWriMo writing group, I’ve got the dreaded “story description” done (thanks, Susan J ). I’ve even got an updated “About the Author” written. The thing is DONE!

Except it isn’t. (sigh)

I must have tried more than a dozen different times, a dozen different ways, to upload the manuscript into Kindle Direct Publishing, and each time the sample download file doesn’t pass muster.

Okay, it passes muster as far as Kindle is concerned. But it has problems from my perspective. Initially it had highlighting artifacts in the nighttime view for Kindle (the white text on a black background – see the picture to see how some of it was showing up). I played with several possible solutions on the advice of people much more knowledgeable than I (thanks, Nathan) – saving it as html, downloading and using a couple of other programs to convert the manuscript, or saving it as an older version of MS Word, or loading the html directly into KDP, or standing on my left foot and hopping while singing Gregorian chants as I uploaded. Nothing worked. I either had highlighting issues, or spacing issues, or chapter heading issues, or some other problem as each attempt introduced its own little problem.

Now, let me throw yet another monkey wrench into the works. When we moved here into rural Oklahoma, internet service was limited. AT&T, Verizon, even Cox… none of them are available where we are. When we moved and I checked on them, they said there weren’t even any plans to put service out here anytime in the foreseeable future. So we have Exede satellite internet (a subsidiary of Wild Blue), and with Exede we have a 10 GB data limit per billing cycle. I’m not sure what happened, but this month I got a notice that I was already 7GB into it by the second week. Also, Microsoft loves to push updates on the second (and sometimes the fourth) Tuesday of each month. Guess what yesterday was? So checking my data meter this morning shows that I now have 1GB left, and I have to make it last another week. And since each publishing attempt involves having to upload a manuscript, convert it, then download the newly compiled format to see if it worked, I’m about to have to give up until after the end of this billing cycle (it ends on the 20th).

I suppose it’s not really a tragedy. I wanted to publish it this week, hoping I would be able to get a few reviews before the Halloween season gets into high gear. But I suppose waiting until after the 20th will still be soon enough. I’m just disappointed.

Before I go, I wanted to send out a special thank you to Betty Hiland. Actually, I think it’s Bella and Cricket who truly want to thank you. They loved that chicken jerky you sent them. J

All right, since I can’t publish Ghost Story this week, I guess I need to crack open another of the WIPs. Time to get more writing done. So here I go. BICHOK everyone.

Stay safe. :bye:


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