Aug 192015

It’s Wednesday again. Time once more to scramble to figure out what to write about in my weekly post. The truth is, it’s been a relatively quiet week. I suppose I could go through a boring list of things I’ve done, but I don’t know that there’s much there of interest for most people.

The sunsets lately have been absolutely beautiful and I’ve posted a few pics of them on FaceBook (here’s one of the prettier ones). But I realized that it could quickly become irritating (or boring) for people to see a parade of one beautiful sunset after another so I stopped bothering folks with them.

As I wrote in last week’s post, Ghost Story was put on hold due to lack of bandwidth. Tomorrow is the beginning of the new ISP billing cycle, so I should be able to get that issue resolved, and (hopefully) get the story published in the next week or so.

I’m sure most of you know I’m a bit of a prepper. I’ve made no secret of the fact. However, since moving to the Tulsa area, I have found a group of likeminded folks who meet up a few times each month to learn and exchange ideas. It’s the Tulsa Preppers Group, and while most of them don’t know me from Adam, they’re nevertheless a friendly and helpful group. I’ve learned quite a bit from them, and look forward to learning even more.

Note to self – I need to get going on a book for prepping on a limited budget. Title could be something like Prepping on a Dime. Yeah, I like that. More of us need to get some accurate prepping info out there to balance the “Doomsday Prepper” junk that’s so prevalent.

Hmmm…. This coming from a guy whose biggest seller is a post-apocalyptic novel. I suppose there’s a reason the Doomsday stuff is so prevalent, isn’t there? It makes for a fun read. But Prepping on a Dime could be more of a reference book for the common Joe. There’s a big difference between fact and fiction.

ITMT, I need to get back to writing. I’m working on the new version of Chucklers again, and I now have a long ways to go with it. Wish me luck, and as always, stay safe! :bye:

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